Client: Metropolitan College Of New York (MCNY)

Services Rendered:

The Master of Public Administration in Emergency and Disaster Management is a highly dynamic, globally accredited, and first-ever online degree found in the Metropolitan College of New York.

Our collaboration with the director of the online MPA program, Chuck Frank, provided us with a crystal-clear objective; appeal to the military veteran market to boost the Fall 2019 program enrollment.

By sourcing veteran-centric content with the help of Dr. Joseph Asbery, followed by our in-depth market analysis, led us in architecting the ideal environment for our Paid Media campaigns, allowing us to maximize a conservative Digital advertising budget and significantly outperforming expectations in record-breaking time.

Our comprehensive Strategy and framework of execution drove web traffic from relevant social channels through conversion-driven landing pages, which resulted in delivering one of our most successful campaigns to date by providing a measurable 18,000% return on advertising spend.

Our Campaign Stats: 

Advertising Spend: $1,200.00
Campaign Time: 40-Days
Reach: 28,923
Impressions: 82,661
Link Clicks: 474
Enrollment Leads: 8
Converted to Enrollment: 6
Revenue per Yearly Student Enrollment: $36,000.00
Total Revenue from Student Enrollment: $216,000.00
ROAS (Return On Ad Spend): 18,000%