Client: General Electric (GE)

Services Rendered:

General Electric is a global digital industrial brand that had been advancing for over 125 years in industries like aviation, healthcare, power, and renewable energy.

GE was preparing the launch of an LED lightbulb that served as a fresh addition to its environmentally-friendly Ecomagination product line. We worked in conjunction with GE to communicate the Brand’s innovation and efficiency of its new product via an informative, entertaining, and memorable storyline.

The story featured a 30-second speed-of-light journey from the past to the present, and the future –  and then back to the past for a humorous dialogue between a couple of cavemen.

The campaign successfully aired nationally across a multitude of U.S. networks and served as a critical component in boosting substantial awareness and profitability of GE’s sustainable energy initiative.

Directed by Sammy Silver.

Produced by Doug Biro.