Exclusive: The Launch of EME 360, the New Full-Service Agency Helping Brands Innovate, Evolve, Generate Impact, and Emerge


EME Enterprises and Media Mogul Club announce a merger, providing a powerfully formulated growth solution for mid to large-scale organizations via an in-house team of Multimedia Production, Web Design & Development, Marketing, and Advertising experts.

Brooklyn, New York – October 1, 2019 – EME 360 is the brainchild company of Ercy Leka, founder of EME Enterprises, and Emmanuel Kalashnikov, founder of Media Mogul Club. The duo launched EME 360 out of DUMBO, NY by merging their long years of experience in a wide variety of elements involving full-scale multimedia production, web development, marketing, and advertising with the initiative to help their prospective clientele thrive with a powerful, comprehensive growth solution built for the digital age.

“In an era that demands organizations to have their mission, vision, and messaging align to influence their audience via endless mediums is no easy task; luckily, we simplify it for you with our nimble 360-degree approach,” said Emmanuel Kalashnikov, Co-Founder, EME 360. “The beauty of our agency is manifesting the true essence of your organization with our eye-catching design & branding, cinematic multimedia production, responsive web design & development, and relevant data-driven multi-channel marketing & advertising strategies all in one place!”

EME 360 tackles every detail of marketing needed for an organization to excel towards the next level in business development while creating impact. Whether an emerging startup or an established enterprise, EME 360 delivers a smooth end-to-end experience via their team of in-house specialists dedicated to cultivating excellence.

Every project starts with a careful, in-depth analysis of an organizations’ goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to help bridge the gap between market insight and a compelling growth proposal. Next, impactful content is captured with high-quality production, aimed at the ideal audience, and promoted through relevant media sources to drive brand influence, dominance, and real business results.

EME 360 pushes the process a step further by marrying the creative end with a purposeful and measurable data-driven strategy. This start-to-finish curation creates an ideal environment for optimal success rates that are backed by real-time, conversion-driven metrics. EME 360 pride themselves on a shared commitment to providing a redefined, innovative full-service agency that accommodates organizations with an effective and efficient 360-degree approach for their unique business needs. “EME 360 was designed for the intent of accelerating the relevance of your brand into the now. We’re dedicated to helping you innovate, evolve, generate impact, and emerge unlike ever before!” said Ercy Leka, Co-Founder, EME 360. In conclusion, EME 360 is here to flex their muscles by executing and overdelivering in a new, elegantly streamlined, and agile fashion.



About EME 360:

EME 360 is a Full-Service Boutique Agency based out of New York City.    

Our company of multimedia production, marketing, web design & development, and advertising experts blend traditional & innovative techniques that provide your brand with a wave of impact across all mediums of communication.   

Our mission is to deliver you a fresh, simple, and in-depth approach to accelerating your brand’s influence along with profit-driven business results. 

Your business is our priority, and we take it seriously. 

Our executive team has over ten years of experience in business development & innovation to help formulate your mission and vision into reality. 

Allow us to help you evolve, create impact, and emerge from the noise of today’s crowded world. We’re ready when you are.